Refund Policy 

• All fees paid for Georgette’s PMHNP Certification Review Courses  including Georgette's PMHNP Q-bank are nonrefundable, nontransferable, and cannot be changed/forwarded to a different date.
• Refunds will not be made if a student decides to cancel a class or package or cancel their purchase of the Georgette's PMHNP Q-bank
• To students who purchase a package, a refund will not be made if they decide not to attend a class(s) in their package.
• Students are responsible for looking up the schedule online on the website prior to purchasing a package to ensure the availability of each class before signing up.
• Students are also responsible for entering an accurate email on file so that they can get information related to the classes such as receipt emails and Zoom meeting links after scheduling classes.

Rescheduling Policy

Students can self-reschedule the Last-Minute Review (LMR) class.
• Last Minute Review (LMR) classes can be rescheduled up to six times.
• Modules 1-5 classes cannot be rescheduled, and attendees can only attend the module class on the date and time which they signed up for.
• If you plan on rescheduling the Last-minute reviews (LMR), plan on rescheduling the class not less than 24 hours to the class time.
• Anything less than 24 hours (any LMR rescheduled less than 24hours), students have the option to attend the review or sign up and pay other fees to attend it at a later date and time.