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  • The times listed on our PDF schedule below are based on Arizona time . However, when booking your classes online, you will have the flexibility to set your time zone. This ensures you can join classes at the right time, wherever you are! If you need any assistance in figuring out the time difference or have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

    Duration of the classes
  • Modules 1&2 ( Scientific Foundations and Advanced Practice Skills: 5.5hours
  • Module 3 ( Diagnosis and Treatment): 3.5hours
  • Module 4 ( Psychotherapies and Related Theories)= 3hours
  • Module 5 (Ethical Principles, Legal Principles, & Cultural Care)= 3hours
  • Last Minute Review (LMR)= 6.5 hours

    Question: Can I take my classes out of order?

  • Answer: Yes, you have the flexibility to take your classes out of order if needed. However, we generally recommend following the recommended sequence for your courses for the best learning experience. Regardless of the order in which you take your classes, the most crucial factor is to stay consistent with your study routine.