Frequently asked questions

When should I take the PMHNP certification exam?

It is recommended for students to take the PMHNP boards exam when they feel most prepared and ready. There is not a “one size fits all” solution that will work for everyone. 5-6 weeks can be enough time for some students to prepare for the exams, but others might require more or less time depending on other daily commitments they might have. It is important to feel comfortable with the content and skills from the five tested sections: Scientific foundations, Advanced practice skills, Diagnosis and Treatment, Psychotherapy and Related Theories, and Ethical and Legal Principles. Having scientific knowledge of these concepts is one thing and being able to apply it is another. The PMHNP boards exam is not only a test of your ability to memorize random facts. The exam will require you to answer questions using newly introduced information and apply your knowledge to scenarios. When answering questions on the recommended practice test bank questions or when studying the resources above, make notes on the rationales. Understand why an answer option is right or wrong.

  Do you offer a review course tailored specifically for the AANP PMHNP certification exam

At present, our courses are specifically designed for the ANCC PMHNP board exam. That said, we have examined the AANP test outline and believe that our course content covers the essential topics listed for the AANP PMHNP exam as well. While we do not offer a course exclusively for the AANP exam, the fundamental principles and knowledge required for both exams are quite similar, given the overarching field of psychiatry. Please review the AANP exam outline in conjunction with our course offerings to ensure they meet your preparation needs.

Are the Modules 1-5 review classes the same as the Last-Minute Review (LMR) and do I have to attend the both the Module classes and the Last-Minute Review (LMR)?

The modules reviews are different from the Last-Minute Review (LMR). The purpose of the modules reviews is to prepare students for the LMR. Yes, it is recommended for students to attend both the modules reviews and the LMR. Visit the “Courses offered” on this site to get more information on the different courses offered.
  Here is why attending Modules 1-5 and the Last-Minute Review (LMR) (all classes) is important
· Solid Foundation: Each class lays down a foundation of knowledge. Missing a class may leave you with gaps in your understanding that can be hard to fill later on.
· Time Management: Attending all classes helps you manage your time effectively. It prevents the need for a stressful, last-minute cramming session before the exam.
· Interactive Learning: Every class is an opportunity to engage with the material, ask questions, and participate in discussions. This interactive approach reinforces your understanding and makes learning enjoyable.
· Consistent Progress: Consistency is the key to success. Regular attendance ensures that you're consistently making progress, reducing the risk of feeling overwhelmed as the exam date approaches.
· Teacher Guidance: Your instructors are there to guide you. Attending classes allows you to seek clarification on doubts, receive valuable tips, and benefit from their expertise.

Does content from Georgette’s PMHNP Certification Review Courses reflect changes on the new ANCC exam?

Yes. Our syllabus has been updated to reflect the new topics that have been added to the new exam. Please visit to learn more.

How long is each class

· Scientific Foundations and Advanced Practice Skills (Modules 1&2 combined class): 5.5 hours
· Diagnosis and Treatment (Module 3): 3.5hours
· Psychotherapies and Related Theories: 3hours
· Ethical, Legal Principles, and Cultural Care: 3 hours
· Last Minute Review (LMR): 6.5 hours

When should I start attending the review courses?

Students can attend the modules 1-5 review classes once they have started studying for the PMHNP boards exams. The modules reviews are entry-level reviews for students planning on taking the PMHNP exams whether or not they have started studying for the boards. The module reviews will help pinpoint key areas to focus more on as students study for the PMHNP boards exams. For the Last-Minute Review (LMR), it is recommended to take it closer to your test date, but students can test at a later date depending on whether or not they have mastered key concepts. 
* The modules 1-5 review classes are offered in 4 days. The Last Minute Review (LMR) is a one-day class. There is a study plan available for free download on that can offer more guidance on how to use the recommended resources for the PMHNP boards exam.

How are the review classes offered?

Review classes are offered virtually through Zoom. A Zoom meeting link is emailed to students immediately after signing up for the courses. Students have the option to turn their camera on or off during the zoom classes. Students signing up for reviews classes should ensure to enter a valid email address when signing up as students might not be able to get a zoom link with an invalid email address. Students should check their spam folders if they haven’t gotten a zoom link, and/or contact support to resend the new zoom link.

What should I do after purchasing a package?

An email containing a receipt will be sent to you upon purchasing a package. The email has a link labeled “schedule”. Click on the link, set your time zone, and sign up for all the modules individually based on the available dates/times for each module. 

Can I take my classes out of order?

Yes, you have the flexibility to take your classes out of order if needed. However, we generally recommend following the recommended sequence for your courses for the best learning experience. Regardless of the order in which you take your classes, the most crucial factor is to stay consistent with your study routine.

Are there recorded sessions of the reviews available for sale?

There are no recorded sessions available for sale at this time or recordings available to be listened to at a later time. All reviews are offered live through zoom.

Can I get a one-on-one tutoring session?

At this time, we do not offer one-on-one tutoring. Our very interactive Facebook group(Facebook group name: Georgette's PMHNP Certification Review Study Group) are opportunities available to interact with us. Also, the content for the Last Minute Review(LMR) is structured to meet the one-on-one needs of students and has been proven to be very effective in nailing key concepts for the PMHNP certification exam.

Can I sign up for the reviews more than once?

When you enroll in a class and/or package with us, please note that each class included in your package is designed for a single attendance session. This means that once you've attended a class as part of your package, you cannot attend the same class again under the same enrollment. To retake the class, you will need to sign up again and pay the full fees.

Can I reschedule my appointment?

Modules 1-5 reviews cannot be rescheduled, forwarded or changed to a different time and date. Last Minute Review (LMR) classes can be rescheduled up to six times. LMRs can be rescheduled not less than 48 hours before the scheduled class date and time.